2 G’s Of Success: Gratitude & Generosity



Don’t Listen To Me, But Please, Hear Me Out: # 21

Shaheeda Abdul Kader, Oct 14 2020

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.”


My mom’s uncles loved her much. They would buy her the prettiest frocks and gold jewelry. Because she was so generously loved, she was equally giving herself. As a 10-year-old, one of her school friends said she loved the lace on mom’s frock. My mom immediately tore off the lace and gave it to her mate. Another time she removed her gold chain necklace and gave it to a friend who admired it. 

My father is no runner-up in the generosity department either. He does not publicize it and I believe that’s how it should be.

My friend, Lydia Andrews, recently helped me do a vision board for my life. I told her when I die, I want people to say, “She was generous.”  I feel very blessed that I grew up in a household that made giving with love and receiving with graciousness an everyday thing.

As you may know, I talk, write and tweet about investing and wealth creation. But of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about success and wealth. What defines success? How much wealth is enough? 

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Today, allow me to share what I have learned: the 2 G’s of success are Gratitude and Generosity.

Over the past couple of months, my father had been suffering from acute back pain due to a prolapsed disc with an impinged nerve. Because of the COVID19 shut down, he was literally locked in our home in India. India, as you may have read, has had increasing cases of COVID19 and the last place anyone wants to be in is a hospital.

We needed miracles.

Miracle #1

Long story short, my father was able to get a minor procedure done safely in Banglore’s Manipal Hospital, thanks greatly to our wonderful friend Dr. Jayabala in London. This was Miracle number 1.

Although his pain improved tremendously, he was still finding it difficult to walk or stand for long.

In the past 2 months, I have had to book and cancel 5 flights because my dad was in too much pain and was not fit to travel. A lot of friends and relatives sent good wishes and prayers our way. I am 100% sure these wonderful, kind gestures helped my father get better.

Miracle #2

Miracle #2 came from a most magnanimous, loving friend, Mr. Yusuffali, Chairman of Lulu group. He sent us his personal private jet to Bangalore so that my parents and I could return safely to the UAE. Mr. Yusuffali went way beyond the call of duty for any friendship to ensure my father had a safe, most comfortable journey. 

My dad and Mr. Yusuffali have been friends since 1976. Even with the tremendous success and meteoric growth of his business empire, Mr. Yusuffali never forgot his friend, my father. They are always there for each other. I wish each one of us is blessed with such an enduring, selfless friendship.

“True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share.”

Suze Orman

I often wonder what qualities about my father makes everyone love him, respect him and want to help him. 

I realize now it is because he is generous and expresses unabashed gratitude.

My hope is that I can be a fraction as successful as they are in the tremendous wealth they have collected in the form of true friends and genuine goodwill.

So, don’t worry, if you’re not a millionaire. Cultivate the two G’s – generosity and gratitude, for I am sure that these two traits will pay the dividends when you need it most.

Final Thoughts

Recently, a young man from Uganda approached me on twitter. He wanted a guide, a mentor to help him figure what are the best opportunities he should go after as his country embarks on some large scale infrastructure developments. I happily had a wonderful Zoom call with him. Time is a great gift. Sharing knowledge is a great gift. Be generous with your knowledge and time. 

If you would like help on investing or building your wealth, please feel free to reach me, on Twitter @saq3 or LinkedIn @Shaheeda Abdul Kader, or leave a message at I’d be happy to offer you my services. Please do check my other blogs here.

Shaheeda Abdul Kader

After 25 years of working for corporations, being an entrepreneur and managing investments for my family, I now want to help others find their financial freedom