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“Going through these numbers is so essential and I do it in every one of my meetings. If you haven’t figured out how much you need for retirement & what you should be investing TODAY towards it, read this…”

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“Great tool Shaheeda. I fear that nobody’s going to retire in this economic climate, my friend. We’ll be working to our graves!”

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“Also, investing for long term to enjoy Power of compounding!”

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“I love reading your blog. It’s straight forward and easy for dummies to understand and not feel intermediate.”

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“Indeed a detailed review for young investors looking to save and invest in international markets.”


Love this retirement planning tool! So quick and easy to use. Think I need to sort my savings out.”

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What a well researched piece @saq3 ! Answers so many of my questions. Thank you!! Must read for all non resident investors in the US!

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a greenhorn. Whether you are based in the Middle East or anywhere in the world. Do read what Shaheeda has to say about investing!

Awesome advise. You rock. Keep it coming.

Great advice. Glad to see you putting all the wisdom and insights into your blog. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of these.

Can I go back in time and ask my broker these questions or is it too late now? A must read for new and existing investors, by @saq3

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“Great video and tips on how to look at income statements by the wonderful @saq3″

“Excellent analysis by the wonderful @saq3. Check out her great blog filled with financial wisdom and interesting analysis! Keep up the great work Shaheeda!”

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Making investing easier! Love this 

Well done @saq3

Buying stocks can seem like a scary venture, but @saq3 helps break it down in a easy-to-understand blog.

“I do not understand why the market has seemingly recovered so quickly when the fundamental underlying issues are not resolved.” 

I’ve been wondering about this – @saq3 goes into deep analysis to understand what’s really going on here! Have a read.

People often ask me to send their CV to people in my network. Here’s what you should do instead: Read this blog by Shaheeda Abdul Kader  

Why I Won’t Read Your Resume 

Neat calculator, like it! Also agree to the fine print, future earnings may or may not follow a pattern from past. But using it to simulate different periods in time alongside the geopolitical events is good to draw some predictive bets.

I think your superpower is that you make these things feel simpler and easier to DO.??

That’s a really great cause to have! ??

Your platform and community will surely experience growth in time??

Keep putting in the work.

This Article is a gem! Thank you, Shaheeda for the DIY breakdown, and what to lookout for.

Shaheeda honestly the article is brilliant. Think a new player will definitely be SP FUNDS S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions but seem quite new. This will be one to look out for as well. Question, do all the fees (redemption/expense/back&front end) also apply to Mutual Funds?

All thanks to you… am learning so much about investments and commerce around it. 

Love your blogs and in depth analysis :))) 

The best blog for new investors!

If you want to invest, this is the best way to learn!

Learn how to invest with intelligence

Anyone who is new to investing and want to improve your knowledge – here is an excellent blog!  @saq3

Love this @saq3 ? ?

If you’re gonna read one piece today, I’d seriously recommend this one by  @saq3

Can resonate on so many fronts here’s a few bits that really got to me

“I put so much pressure on myself. I worked much harder than my cohorts on anything. I would not let the naysayers in my community win and say my education and my dreams were not deserving”

“How could I not show up to work, be the first one in the office? What example would I set for my employees? All the time I could hear the naysayers in my head, “See, a woman cannot be CEO. She needs repair services every month.”

“Periods are not illnesses, however, the pain and mess some of us suffer is very real and can be just as debilitating as a migraine. Company policy does not need to specifically pick out women, just allow all employees a day off a month without question when they need it.” ????

@saq3 wrote an awesome article on her blog: How To Read A Stock Table?

My good friend and fellow #Duke alumna Shaheeda Abdul Kader has started an awesome blog called “Shaheeda Says”. She researches wealth creation and finance. 

Taking a break from #Covid19 and thinking about the world at large. Ample realizations in the last 4 months, humility and gratitude above all others.. 
While most including myself are stuck in minds with fears and issues pertaining to #borderdispute , #racism , #postcovidworld , #workplacesafety , #StatePolitics#usimmigration etc, I was intrigued with this article that touched me deeply. 
I realized, we aren’t fair and mindful about menstrual cycles. Its a fact of life and not a illness or disease.. A friend of mine Shaheeda Abdul Kader has come up with this smashing blog, inspiring me to do my bit by sharing it.. Don’t miss this read..Share your encouragement for this special #businesswomen from #Dubai. Thank you for this brilliant piece of work..

Aren’t you a HR/ TA professional? On a serious note, seemed like a brilliant used case for an app to validate an employee-employer compatibility match; clubbed with resume writing wizard. Not many in hiring space apply so much thoughts.. Just few curious thoughts that you left in me – a) How do I (re)discover myself. If I do not take unknown territories? So I must embrace the challenge & change.. I dont know what i dont know.. Experiments accentuates courage (or make me foolish).. Then I also take decisions from reality (job availability) POV instead passion, liking etc mostly. b) Also unfortunate is the fact that people do take irrational decisions. They are know to do so, as much as one prescribes (Take precautions from covid, for instance) 🙂 Anyway, compliments for a great attempt.

Love it when you make things easy peasy !
Great piece – and thanks for briefly touching upon micromanagement and hostile work environments as well, something that is not just reserved for working women but can hit all of us!

Super valid points, still not talked about enough.

Even in this day and age women have to assert their views on something thats a natural phenomenon as eating and drinking. Do read the blog!

Amazing blog by @saq3

Something business owner should consider !! A Must Read.

Thank you Shaheeda for this wonderful and beautiful article

This is very timely. We need to grow up about this. Everywhere. And period poverty has an impact on women’s education, job prospects and so the well being and prosperity of all.

Thank you, Shaheeda, for penning something that most girls would never dare talking about. Powerful! (Read this: 

@esthersalli @linfriola @LibbySafir )


“As I’ve grown older and more confident, I fearlessly ask for what I want and often get exactly what I need. You can too.”

I’m sure you’ll get them soon! Good read thanks for sharing

Very nice. Easy peasy to understand. Thank you.

Your suggestions in finance have helped us when you were mentoring us, I am sure it will be a great insight for all. I can imagine the dedication and effort in writing your blog. Cheers !!!

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Although this article is slightly dated, the case it presents is even more relevant today. Banks remain systemically important to the economy and while during the last crisis banks were the cause of the crisis, during this one, they purport to be the solution. It is only fair that institutions take a longer view of their HR assets and act humanely when there is no other option.

Incredible piece of work!! It is comprehensive without being intimidating. While this 5 minute read adequately orients one to read cash flow, it also provides inspiration to delve deeper into the subject .

Hi Shaheeda… I found your blog extremely interesting as I have been at a receiving end by adopting the buy and hold strategy. It could be because I am not good at identify stocks that will perform for the next 10 years. Looking forward to reading and learning more from your blog.

Refreshing reminder! Thank you Shaheeda Abdul Kader always enthusiastic and emanating such positive energy! Keep well! 

I believe his “value investment” philosophy which he inherited from his guru Benjamin Graham might go a drastic change. Or probably that has already started going through a lateral shift. With the technology / market / consumer behaviour changing so drastically every 3 to 5years long term investment may not yield the same result it did until last decade. (Disclaimer: I still remain his big fan and had the privilege of meeting & dining with him 🙂

Excellent. If I generate cash enough to buy stocks I would balance my long term investment with short to mid term opportunities. World is changing too fast for me to think beyond 5 years.

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